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"The Monkees" Art for Monkees' Sake subtitles Portuguese-BR

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S02E05 "The Monkees" Art for Monkees' Sake Episode

"The Monkees" Art for Monkees' Sake

Peter's paintings of a door is so realistic that Micky bombs his head when he tries to go through it, and Mike suggests that he goes to the museum for inspiration by the real painters. There, Chuche, a guard bumps his head as he tries to walk through one of Peter's paintings of a door near a classical picture. He grabs Peter and makes ready to slug him when his boss, Duce, suggests they switch one of Peter's copies with a masterpiece and make a fortune. While the thieves wait impatiently, Peter copies the 1624 Franz Hals' masterpiece, The Laughing Cavalier, but can't stop adding finishing touches. To avoid the curator, Duce and Chuche hide Peter in the basement, where they, declaring that artists must suffer, gag and bind him. During breakfast, Micky, Mike and Davy realize that Peter is in trouble come to his rescue. At the museum they search through all sorts of studios, where they encounter a finger (and a foot!) painting artist and Liberace making a smashing cameo appearance as a pi

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