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Tokyo Sonata sous-titres Français

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Tokyo Sonata Movie

Every family has its secrets. [USA release]

Titre original: トウキョウソナタ

Ryûhei Sasaki (Teruyuki Kagawa) is keeping a secret from his wife, Megumi (Kyôko Koizumi), and his two teenage sons. Even though he leaves the house every day, he's not really going to work. He's going to an employment office. He recently lost his job due to outsourcing, but is determined to find another position, all while supporting an old friend who is also out of work. But when Megumi accidentally finds out Ryûhei's secret and doesn't tell him, her trust in him, and their marriage, suffers.

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  • Dietch @
    Traduction tellement fidèle de la version eng que le principal défaut a été reproduit : il manque tous les points à la fin des phrases. Si c'est pas du respect ça ! xD

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