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"The Monkees" A Coffin Too Frequent felirat Angol

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S02E11 "The Monkees" A Coffin Too Frequent Episode

"The Monkees" A Coffin Too Frequent

As The Monkees prepare for bed, they are frightened by mysterious noises downstairs. They go downstairs to find Henry Weatherspoon preparing for a séance. Henry orders them to leave by 12:00, because it is in his lease. The Monkees attempts to escape are foiled by Henry's aunt, old Mildred Weatherspoon, and by Henry's cousin, Boris Weatherspoon, a giant over whose mind Henry has total influence, bearing a coffin which contains the corpse of the late Elmer Weatherspoon. The boys make up their minds and stay to witness Elmer's return form the dead, and they imagine a courtroom, with Mike as The Witness and Micky, Davy, and Peter as the barrister, the defendant, and the judge, respectively. Henry reveals that Elmer will return at dawn, heralded by a trumpet; The Monkees' make up their minds again and reattempt to escape but are once again stopped by Boris, bearing suitcases full of his lunch. Peter sneezes and Mildred piles him with all sorts of remedies. Davy does a dance with Boris to t

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