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S01E06 Speaking in Tongues Episode

Speaking in Tongues

Quatrain 11. Century 2. "The Starborn one will fly into the hearts of many". A reading from the alien testament: "The Almighty Force looked down from above. They surveyed the galaxy, and what they found was Earth. And the Almighty Force said, ‘Behold, the children of men...they are impure. They are imperfect. They are weak. We must establish our Kingdom on Earth. The children of men will welcome us with arms open wide.' So the Almighty Force cast one of their own in the image of man. So the divine shepherd did come down from the stars to lead the lambs to the Aftertime..." And he was called Elton Beleye. Word was out this rock star preacher claimed extra-terrestrial ancestry. Said he wanted to lead the hearts and minds of humanity towards an alien eternity. Sounded like hell on Earth to me. This is my reality. They are studying us. Testing us. Waiting to strike. But I'm not gonna clear my name without proof they're here, living among us. A blood test, a DNA sample...something. themoviedb

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