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Become VIP member and enjoy site without advertisment. Read more about VIP membership on our blog. VIP member costs only 10 EUR for 1 YEAR. You can also donate more, if you want. As VIP member you get:

  • NO advertisment at all - no popunders, no banners, no hidden ads, no subtitles ads - just pure content
  • Direct download subtitles - no installers, no extensions, no redirections, no offers before downloading subtitles
  • Higher download limits - 1000 subtitles/24 hours - useful when using programs such as media centers (but no abusing!)
  • nice logo next to YOUR nickname - in search page, subtitle details, profile, ...
  • good feeling about donating great project :)


To order a VIP status, you must first register on

After this, you can import your account to the new site in one click at this page import users

Your VIP status will be valid for both and

Currently is running on 8 servers, in peak hours during weekend on site is more than 40000 active users (mainly API), 5.000.000 subtitle downloads per day and site becomes slow. We need these donations to pay the bills for hosting company, buy another servers and continuing developing.

Get instant VIP: Easy and secure checkout by FastSpring (15 USD) - pay by credit card etc...

Get instant VIP: Donate by BITCOIN and other cryptocurrencies

If you don't know how to use/buy BITCOINS, follow this guide: How to buy BITCOINS. If you don't know how to use BITCOINS, don't want to log in or if you want to know other way of donating (but first try what is available here), just drop us mail. Note: we are confirming some donations manually, so it might take up to 24 hours. You will be informed by mail, once VIP is activated (be sure you check your junk/spam mail). Once you made donation, write us mail with your OpenSubtitles registered username and email. Thank you.

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The contents of this website are simply copied from the main website

During our beta phase, uploads are not yet possible on our new platform (of course - it will be possible soon).
Subtitles uploaded to the original website will be copied to this site after a brief delay (1-2 hours)