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"The Monkees" I Was a 99-Pound Weakling subtitles English

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S02E06 "The Monkees" I Was a 99-Pound Weakling Episode

"The Monkees" I Was a 99-Pound Weakling

At the beach, Micky is trying to impress Brenda, a beautiful, yet empty-headed blonde girl. As Bulk, a muscleman, overpowers Micky and walks off with Brenda, Shah-Ku, a physical cultist, hands him a card advertising his bodybuilding course. Shah-Ku takes Micky to his gym, where he does his level best to see that Micky fails the 3 tests given to him (a greased rope, pulleys, and weightlifting), so he can con him into joining his $150 health plan. Micky is bewildered as to how he, an unemployed drummer, can conjure up such cash; Shah-Ku suggests he hock his drums. At the pad, the other Monkees, Davy and Peter, try to convince Micky to save money (and his drums) by using their own physical program. The next day, Micky feels ready to take on Bulk, but Davy and Peter decide to handle it without violence. On the beach, Davy dares Bulk to step over a series of lines, while Peter paint spots on his back. When Davy runs away, Peter returns, garbed as a doctor, to try to convince Bulk he's wasti

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