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Men in Pink Movie

The aftermath of the Rwandan genocide: A student theatre troupe tours Rwanda with a comedy about the genocide, a gang of killers gets rough justice at the local genocide court, and a prosecutor investigates a priest for the murder of five Tutsi children. Meanwhile, in neighbouring Tanzania, two of the genocide's leaders face the United Nations tribunal in snappy suits, defended by a panoply of French lawyers.

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Nome da versão (release)
en 12-Men in Pink
el Hercules The Legendary Journeys - 4x12 - Men in Pink.gr
pt-BR Hercules.S04E12.Men.In.Pink_by.Majesty_www.therebels.biz
pl Hercules - 4x12 - Men In Pink
pt-BR 4x12 Hercules TLJ - Men In Pink DVDRip